We are a Consultancy, Integration & Training company, in Software Defined Network-Cloud-Virtualisation based technologies, to support Digital Transofrmation of our customers.

Software Defined paradigms are changing the way information technologies leverages the businesses.

Since the year 2013, many network operators, telcos, enterprise data centers establishing roadmaps to adopt SDN, NFV, SDCloud technologies to scale their services vertically and horizantally, in an agile way, to keep up with growing complex business demands.

As Aykan Teknoloji, we are here to partner with you, to transform your business to have DevOps powered, automated & integrated “IT, Development and Operations” organisation..

We focus on fortifying your business, to welcome for growing complexity of datacenter & network operations expectations.

We are ready to partner you to transform your people, processes, infrastructure.

CI/CD Systems for SDN and NFV

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is one form of agile development. Leading organizations have adopted the model to help speed the migration of network functions from hardware to software. By aligning every phase of CI/CD, you can rapidly identify and resolve issues.

So, what is needed to ensure rapid service delivery while providing the level of reliability and performance your business demands?

In development, you need test tools that provide the agility required by your DevOps teams. These test tools seamlessly integrate into the CI/CD test pipeline. In deployment, you need unified visibility across your virtual and physical infrastructures. This visibility will help you spot and troubleshoot issues faster.

We are here to empower your DevOps & CI/CD efforts.

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Lab As A Service

For your SDN-SDCloud Integration and Validation needs, we have everything in place.

– Integrated lab orchestration and test execution into CI/CD pipe.

– Enable Legacy HW, Virtual and Cloud assets.

– Self-Service End-To-End Network

– Service Modeling

– Provision Legacy Equipment, alongside SDN, NFV, & Cloud

– DevOps Tool Integration

– Reporting and Analytic

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SDx Learning Lab

– Software-Centric Network, Virtualization and Cloud skills building

– State-of-the art & Hands-On Dev-Ops Scenarios

– Automate and Integrate. Transform your infrastructure, transform your business.

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We provide the Trainings you may need for Digital Transformation.

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– Market conditions require manufacturers to improve product quality, reduce costs and improve productivity, every day. Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM) is critical for Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry. It provides the layer for direct execution of production orders and dynamic response to changing situations in orders, machine states, quality checks etc, in all stages of manufacturing.

– Aykan Teknoloji experts can design, deliver and support deployments globally across a wide variety of industries. Productivity of our customers is our focus. Digital Transformation at the core of manufacturing operations management is essential, in every enterprise, no matter of their size.

– Working with multi-disciplinary teams including Lean & Six Sigma experts, MES solutions can leverage the productivity.

– Please do not hesitate to contact us your productivity needs.

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