ONF Certified SDN Associate

The ONF-Certified SDN Professional Program (OCSP) provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral knowledge and skills validation for engineering professionals wishing to improve their careers and gain advancement in the world of software defined networking.

The program seeks to provide independent validation of both concept level skills for new entrants as well as technical level engineering skills for professionals working in SDN environments, either development or deployment.

Certification exams can be taken online (webcam proctored) or you can contact us.

DASA DevOps Practitioner

The DASA DevOps Practitioner course prepares candidates for the Practitioner qualification. It is designed to provide the core education necessary to put DevOps into practice. With the help of DevOps theory, pragmatic examples and exercises, and interactive group discussions, the course will help you understand how to apply the necessary skills to practice DevOps.

DevOps – DASA

We provide DevOps trainings with DASA accredited content.

DASA DevOps Fundamentals

https://www.devopsagileskills.org/certifications/dasa-devops-fundamentals/) DevOps Fundamentals is the starting point for anyone involved in an Agile and/or DevOps team. Improved workflows and faster deployment start with a core understanding of DevOps fundamentals by all team members.

The DevOps Fundamentals Qualification is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your DevOps vocabulary and to understand its principles and practices. With the help of key DevOps concepts and terminology, real life case studies, examples and interactive group discussions and extensive exercises in each module you will acquire a fundamental understanding of DevOps.


Contact us MikroTik Trainings. Aykan Teknoloji is a MikroTik Accretedited Training Center.

MTCNA – MikroTik Certified Network Associate (view outline)
MTCRE – MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer (view outline)
MTCWE – MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer (view outline)
MTCTCE – MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer (view outline)
MTCUME – MikroTik Certified User Management Engineer (view outline)
MTCIPv6E – MikroTik Certified IPv6 Engineer (view outline)
MTCINE – MikroTik Certified Inter-networking Engineer (view outline)